How to build a catering menu

How to build a catering menu

If you are just starting off your food catering services in Dubai then you must be planning things from scratch which can include hiring staff, getting cutlery and dishes and even building a menu. Building a new menu can probably be one of the hardest tasks of all time. This is why here we have got you quick guide on how to make one which will help you stand out from the list of catering companies in UAE.

  • Build different menus for different catering styles

Once you have gotten in the business of catering, you will see that there are two main types of catering styles which are asked the most for. First one would be buffet style where the guests self serve from a range of dishes and the second one would be plated and served which is the exact opposite of buffet. Remember to build different menus for different styles of catering.

  • Pick items for catering from your current menu

If you run a restaurant as well then building a catering menu should be easier for you because now you can add your current menu items in it which you have been cooking daily in your kitchen and people seem to love it. You must have achieved expertise in those items so it is always a good idea to choose them.

  • Speciality menu

If you would like to stand out from the crowd then the best way to do that is by having a speciality menu which offers a certain type of catering such as BBQ, Italian or Asian dishes which people love to devour. But also remember that because you are being specific with the cuisine make sure that it is also the best in its place.

  • Guest’s request

If you are able to make your guests feel special by considering their feedback seriously then you can be worry free know that you have conquered all the dynamics of customer service. Customer is always right and if they are suggesting you that a certain sauce can use more spices then do try it out or if your meat is over cooked then consider timing it differently. Same goes for menu, if your customer wants something added in it then figure out a way to incorporate it in your menu whilst keeping your tradition alive.