Best features of Revel which makes it desirable

Best features of Revel which makes it desirable

There are many POS systems are available out of which you need to get the most required point of sale software in Dubai according to the requirement of your store. All of them have different system handling and different amounts to pay per year. You should see that how big or small or business is and how much amount you can pay for the software easily. If your business in small to large then the Revel POS Dubai is best suitable for your business. You have to get that system and the best thing of this system is that you will get a free of cost demonstration from the service provider which will help you in decision making about the purchase. There is an installation fee for the software which has to be paid at the beginning once you will be satisfied from the demo. After that fee you have to pay a yearly subscription fee which is a certain amount for every year and it will not increase drastically so you do not have to worry about the change in prices. There are many features of this POS which you can find out below:

It is easy to use and can be used for restaurants, cafes, general stores, garment stores and in many others. It will provide the assistance in the sale process by increasing the efficiency in terms of time and provide a better management of the cash and its security as some of them have automatically locked drawers when you close them and they will not open until you enter the list for the next customer.

It will also provide the best features for the customers too when they provide the card or cash for their bill payment. They will provide them the discount options which are offered by the seller and they can avail them during the payment.

It will also provide the ease to the management of the store as it will get the track of the entire inventory in hand and the inventory remaining so that the management will get the required inventory on time. It will also provide the insight about most bought and least demanded items so that they can be piled up according to the demand of the customers.