Identify your reasons for knowing more about movies

Identify your reasons for knowing more about movies

As a fan, you must have seen a Bollywood cinema in Dubai a number of times. Only a fan knows what it takes to love the movie and know more about it. To someone who has never watched or loved many movies, this passion may seem alien, but the fact remains that Bollywood movies are becoming more popular by the day for a variety of reasons. So much so that you will see more movies being produced and released each year. Fans also see new faces emerging in the industry along with the legends who have been serving in this industry for decades. Part of that has to do with the fact that Bollywood is reaching places it never did. Today. you will see more Indian movies being released in the farthest parts of the world that was not the case thirty or so years ago. The increasing widespread fame and populace of Bollywood is something to think about for every fan. Not only that, but those who love the Indian cinema, their passion seems to grow manifold for it. Can you identify yours if asked why it matters so much to you?


Many Bollywood fans that are from India watching their favorite movies in some other country feel nostalgic about it. They must be feeling homesick, missing family and friends and watching movies from back home how they enjoy their time. For these people, Bollywood is more than just an industry, it is a brand that has made their country reach all countries of the planet. They take pride in being fans of this industry and would do all they can to watch movies no matter how busy they are. After all, it is also about their personal feelings that have been associated with this cinema.


To many living overseas, Bollywood movie is the closest analog to the ultimate entertainment. They define entertainment using Bollywood and consider Hollywood movies a little boring. The term “masala movies” was coined to explain the very typical style of movies that have been produced in India. These are not your everyday type movies, rather they connect a lot of emotion and feeling with the viewers. You can say that Bollywood is all about adding drama to the movies and for some reasons, it really works. Join a show of new south Indian movies and you will notice that just how much drama can be found in these movies, not to mention the comedy and action.